Kati's Green and Gorgeous Picks from Arch Digest Home Show

Last Monday I brought you the ASID “Hot Picks” from the AD Home Show. Although they’re all great, I have my own personal faves that I wanted to share with our readers.

Because we are moving our focus to ONLY using sustainable manufacturers and products, I’d like to showcase some of the goodies I saw at the show that fit the bill, not only from an environmental standpoint, but from some high-style design as well!

Me Giving Tours at the AD Home Show

In no particular order:

#1: Canvas by Ochre
Proprietor Andrew Corrie says the line is “inspired by the beauty of hand-crafted objects, stylized to reflect the fundamentals of home.”  He describes the collection as “simple sustainable style”: all the furniture is produced using reclaimed materials whenever possible, at factories within a day’s drive of the Broome Street shop. The collection is available at select retailers as well as at the Ochre store (462 Broome Street) in SoHo and of course through Nirmada.

#2: George Nakashima
Have to agree completely with the ASID judging panel on this one. Always classic. Just bought this chair for a client of ours at the Miraval:

#3 : Richard Nardone
Not to be redundant, but I had to add these guys to the list not only because of the design, but the responsibility by which they make their products. Each piece is intrinsically created using blend of Japanese minimalism and architectural innovation. Influenced by the master George Nakashima, Nardone creates furniture which is not only unique and timeless, but designed to last generations. Typically, no hardware of any kind is used throughout the construction of a piece, unless structural limits are imposed. Rather, traditional joinery techniques such as hand cut mortise and tenon braces, butterfly inserts, dovetail joints, etc., are utilized ensuring true artisan quality.

#4: From the Source

Imaginative, urban, organic, and hand made & custom furnishings.

#5: David Stine Woodworking

David harvests much of his lumber from family forests that he stewards himself to ensure responsible sustainability. Once the trees are harvested, David mills the logs at his woodshop in Dow, Illinois. Design inspiration comes from the inner beauty of the wood itself, through the process of harvesting and sawing.

#6: Vica Furniture

Vica is a collection of interior furnishings, lighting and objects by architect Annabelle Selldorf. The collection upholds the European tradition of hand workmanship and exceptional finishing in designs imbued with the edge and innovativeness of New York, her adopted home.

#7: Baron’s new b2 line

Furniture created with natural materials;

  • Made of Biodegradable and Recyclable material
  • FSC Certified Lumber harvested from sustainable forests
  • Natural finishes
  • Sourced from renewable and sustainable resources
  • No petroleum-based foams or toxins
  • No off-gassing: Zero VOC’s

#8: Amy Helfand

The colorful, abstract patterns of Amy Helfand’s rugs are usually derived from nature. But for her latest collection, Ms. Helfand, an artist and designer in Red Hook, Brooklyn, took her inspiration from the “prayer flags at Buddhist temples and hanging from trees” that she photographed during a recent trip to Nepal, where her rugs are manufactured.The rugs, which start at $125 a square foot, are made to order in custom sizes and colors from hand-knotted Tibetan wool and Chinese silk, in a workshop outside Katmandu certified by Goodweave, an organization working to end child labor in the carpet industry.

#9: Aviva Stanoff,

Stanoff’s work is known for its combination of sophistication and subtlety. Each one-of-a-kind concept is laboriously handcrafted with unwavering attention to design and detail as traditional embellishments meet cutting-edge textile treatments. Her decorative velvet pillows are hand-dyed and painted. She uses real plants to create her botanical prints by etching and embossing them into the velvet using a special in-house technique.

#10: Naula

At the AD Home Show Naula  launched their sustainable furniture studio Naula Earth. The space incorporated an educational twist with an originally designed club chair from creative director Angel Naula and design director Brad Ascalon that was  upholstered on site and donated to DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) for charity auction. In addition, the custom bar on display in the lounge area of the show was originally designed by Ascalon for this year’s Esquire House SoHo and manufactured by Naula.

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